Yet another slightly random rambling.

Hey, friends!

I meant to take some pictures this week, but then this week was gone…you know what I mean.

So! It’s late (as per usual), and I’m trying to post every Tuesday. I decided I’d share a couple of book recommendations/good books I read in 2020.

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The Lonely Postman (Christmas story no. 2, part 2.)

Christmas day. Without all its usual…Christmas day feel. As kids, we’d stumble down the stairs, waking everyone up and encouraging everyone to get breakfast ready. Pancakes, for the twenty-five or more people, crammed into one house. That was always fun. At eleven AM each year, we’d all be trudging through the snow to church, being warned by our mothers not to get our clothes wet. On the way home, no one cared, and we’d race back and have snowball fights on the way. Then Christmas lunch, and gifts and…

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