My First Blog Post

You can make anything by writing. — C.S. Lewis Welcome all. Thanks for stopping by. My name's Sandrina, or Sandi. I'm just getting started here, so bear with me as I get started, (and try to figure out how in the world to exit this post.) I love writing, (suprise, bet you didn't see that [...]


The 20 Questions Book Tag

Thanks to Ellen from https://musingsbyellen.blogspot.com for tagging me. Let's get to the questions!  1. How many books are too many in a series? Well, that would depend. If I like the series/author it could go on forever ;-). But it is annoying when something goes on and on and drags out so far that it ruins [...]


I'll be honest, the only reason that I am actually posting today is that a friend (you know who you are) kept bugging me about it. So, if you're here expecting a really well thought out, interesting, profound or exciting post…you might want to just stop here. There are no doubt mistakes in this, but [...]

Book load!

Well, I have been overloaded with books. (Which is great!) I think I have like...twenty-six that I am going to read. I'm not going to list them all here but here are just a few... The Left Behind series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins Yep. All twelve of them, I'm only reading the [...]

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