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Something like a Soldier

Third draft being written, current word count: 5,000.

First draft completed, word count: 55,000.

A dead Navy SEALs son, fights for control when he’s shipped of to another life.

Really rough summary.

“Hey, stand straight, little soldier.” Dad had tipped my chin. My shoulders rolled back, my head held high, fighting the tears that begged to escape. I set my jaw. “I’ll miss you, Dad,” I whispered the words because they feel like the type of words you should whisper. His hands grip both my shoulders and give them a half shake, half squeeze. His moist eyes met mine and a tight throated whisper in return, “right back at’cha, buddy.”

Something like a Soldier

He fights like a soldier who knows what it feels like to see the life blood drain from the body of a brother. But he’s just a kid who’s lost control. He fights to deny it, fights to say “I’ve got this” while he’s wiping tears from his eyes and blood from the corner of his mouth. For every punch he throws, three more fall back down on him. He fights knowing he’s failing, prays for help while he grits his teeth to go it on alone. Asks for change as he clings to the past. God, help him see he’s a kid who’s lost control. God help him see that to rest he needs to let go. Please, God, show the soldier how to bow his head.

Something like a Soldier

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