Hello friends! I have previously shared a scene from my current work in progress and today I thought I’d share some snippets with you all. You can go and read the full scene I have shared here: Quick briefing, the main character is Jonathan Courage. That’s all you’re getting for the time being…sorry, I’mContinue reading “Snippets”

Character Interview 2

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Since doing a character interview was Jonathan was so fun, (for me, not Jonathan.) I thought I’d go ahead and do another one. This time with a minor character. The character I am doing is Alex Rogers, he agreed willingly to this, unlike Jonathan.Continue reading “Character Interview 2”

Character Interview

Well, sorry for the late post everyone. I was busy saving the world or something… (okay, I was tired.) Anywho, so, from the title you’ve probably already guessed I’m (attempting to) doing a character interview. This could prove tough since I don’t want to give major spoilers away or anything. I’m going to be interviewingContinue reading “Character Interview”

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